Ad Hoc Budget Committee

A message from President Steven C. Ender Ed.D:

This year is GRCC's 100th anniversary, a landmark year for a great institution of higher learning. I am looking forward to this time of celebration and reflection with all of you.

As we enjoy this milestone in our College's history, we also must prepare for the next hundred years. Given declining student enrollment (and, therefore, tuition), state funding, and property tax revenue, the College will be facing significant financial challenges in the coming years, and we need to be proactive in addressing those challenges.

To that end, I have created a special, ad hoc budget committee comprised of campus leaders. The charge to this committee is to develop recommendations for increasing revenue and decreasing expenses at GRCC for review by me and the College’s executive leadership team. More specifically, I have asked the committee to present recommendations in three categories:

  1. Those that the committee would support being implemented in Fall 2015
  2. Those that the committee would support being implemented in Fall 2015, if the financial position of the College requires more significant reductions or enhancements than had been anticipated
  3. Those that the committee feels need more analysis or could be considered for implementation beyond Fall 2015.

I have asked for these recommendations to be made by the holiday shutdown in December 2014.

I am grateful to the following persons who have agreed to serve on this important committee:

  • David Anderson
  • Hayden Butcher
  • Frank Conner
  • John Cowles
  • Fenis Harmon
  • Jesse Heard
  • Moss Ingram
  • Amy Koning
  • Laura Moody
  • Eric Mullen
  • Jim Peterson
  • Amy Robinson
  • Jeff Spoelman
  • Laurie Chesley, co-chair
  • Lisa Freiburger, co-chair

Please feel free to share your ideas with any member of the committee at any time. The committee will be formally asking the campus community for its input regarding potential revenue enhancements and budget reductions soon. I encourage you to participate.