Class Participation/Confirmation and Refunds

What is class participation confirmation?

This section on your My Financial Aid webpage will show for viewing approximately three weeks into each semester.

Financial aid; grants, loans and scholarships will only be disbursed after participation has been confirmed in ALL of your classes that have started. 

Class Participation Confirmation occurs twice each semester —  the first after 30 days in to the semester and the second near the semester’s midpoint.   

Financial aid disbursements will be held if students are not confirmed in all their classes. Withdrawing from any class may also postpone disbursements.

Once late classes begin and a student is not confirmed, financial aid will be adjusted to reflect actual class attendance. This may create a balance due to the college.

Student loan funds are sent to the college in two parts each semester: The first half is sent 30 days into the semester, based on class confirmation and the second half of the semester’s amount at mid-semester, after a second class participation.  

Refunds to students occur only after all charges for tuition, fees, book charges and Raider Card transfers are paid for the semester and after confirmed class participation. A student’s first loan disbursement may be needed to pay the semester charges.  

Further information on Financial Aid Disbursements and Refunds is covered in the Information Station under "How and When do I get my FA Refunds?".  Samples are included.